On April 11th, 2006, Kevin A. Apuzzio and a team of well-trained, well-equipped firefighters entered a burning residence in search of one of the homeowners that was reported as being trapped inside.  Upon finding the victim Kevin and his fellow firefighters were making their way out of the house when the fire burning in the basement caused the unthinkable to occur.  At 6:46 AM, Kevin, three other firefighters, and the victim were plunged into the basement as the floor gave way beneath them.  While the three firefighters either self-extricated or were rescued, tragically, Kevin and the victim did not make it out alive.

The Kevin Apuzzio Memorial Foundation has been established to memorialize the hero that was lost that day.  The Foundation's first order is a scholarship to help young firefighters, like Kevin, continue their education.  The foundation is also looking for other way to help give back the community in the ways Kevin would have wanted.

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